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Study Leave/Special Detail Application

Study Leave

Faculty Manual (2003), Sec 6.2.1, p.59

Subject to the exigencies of service, faculty members may be granted study leave with or without pay. They may be allowed to enroll full time in the University or in other educational institutions subject to the guidelines. Study in Faculty Fellowship are awarded to faculty members to pursue a graduate degree in an area consistent with the faculty development plan of the college. Item 9.1.1 of Faculty Manual (2003)

Special Detail

(As approved at the 987th meeting of the BOR on April 24, 1986)

A member of the academic and administrative staff may be assigned by the President or the Chancellor, as the case maybe, on special detail in the Philippines, for the benefit of the University or of any of its units under conditions to be fixed by him/her in each case. Special detail shall include participation in official capacity in conferences, workshops, seminars, short-term courses, and similar activities subject to prior authorization and to such conditions as may be attached there to applicable laws and regulations.