Joint Academic Programs

UP Diliman is home to several joint academic and extramural programs conducted with international partner universities.

International Benchmarking

Academic units are encouraged to gear curriculum review and development towards international Accreditation of Degree Programs.

ICT-Enabled Classes

UP Diliman students are able to engage internationally without leaving the campus through information communication technology.

Creating a Joint Academic Program

Proposals for Joint Academic Programs are covered by specific agreements on the implementation of a joint-degree or dual degree program with partner universities. As new academic programs that are essentially anchored on the combined strengths of existing programs, these will have to go through review by the University Curriculum Committee and the eventual approval of the UP President and Board of Regents.

OIL Diliman helps facilitate the forging of the agreements between UP Diliman through an Academic Unit and the international partner university. The Publications and University Council Secretariat Section of the Office of University Registrar facilitates the review of proposals co-formulated by the Academic Unit and its counterpart unit in the international partner university.

Dual Degree Programs

There are a couple of joint-degree or dual-degree graduate and post-graduate programs in UP Diliman.

MS in Regional Development Planning

This program is jointly offered by the UP Diliman’s School of Urban and Regional Planning and the Spring Center, Faculty of Spatial Planning, University of Dortmund, Germany.

The program is aimed at regional and district development planning, with emphasis on rural areas. The program is for two years, with the first year spent at the TUDo, and the succeeding year at the UP SURP. The medium of instruction is English.

Visit SURP website for more details

PhD in Chemistry

A doctorate degree in Chemistry which may be taken as a dual-degree with a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Houston.

The program aims to provide advanced graduate training in chemistry which would allow successful students to carry out independent research, and pursue careers in academic, government, research and industrial institutions. These highly trained chemists are needed in the solution of various national developmental problems.

Visit Institute of Chemistry website for more details


Short Courses

UP Diliman offers customizable short-term extramural programs for international partners. Academic Units welcome groups of students from the international partner and facilitate programs based on the specified needs of the students.

Intensive English Program

The Department of English and Comparative Literature (DECL) hosts the month-long Intensive English Program for students from Soka University, Japan. The College of Arts and Letters welcomes students from Takushoku University and hosts a mix of the Intensive English Program with an Intensive Philippine Studies Program for the students. The Intensive Philippine Studies Program is a culture and language program.

Philippine Exposure Program

The College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) hosts a three-week long program for students from the Nihon Fukushi University. The program includes discussions on the community development of both Japan and the Philippines. Participants are immersed in various community service activities and community visits.

MABUHAY: A Philippine Cultural Experience

This is a two-week (10-day) inter-disciplinary program that is intended for the exchange students and the international community in the Philippines to have a basic appreciation of the country as a learning context. It provides a venue whereby international and local culture may converge through a series of introductory-level lectures and in-classroom workshops. Highlights of the program include out-of- town visits to architectural heritage sites, urban and rural communities, business establishments.

University Teaching Course on “Managing International Diversity”

OIL Diliman also organizes seminars that are geared at enabling UP Diliman faculty and students to better engage the international community.

As part of the OVCAA’s thrust to internationalize classes and to work for the advancement of teaching and learning, this one day seminar focuses on managing classes characterized by international diversity. Selected classes host one to five international students comprising of exchange, visiting and regular students. With these students mixed with UPD students, faculty handling these classes are faced with the challenge of optimizing benefits from the convergence of cultures in the classrooms.