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Official Institutional Visits to UPD

OIL Diliman may assist with official visits of UPD partner/prospective partner institutions by facilitating exploratory meetings among OIL Diliman, other UPD academic units/offices, and the visiting institution. An exploratory meeting is the first step in partnering and networking. UPD and the potential partner institution present their profiles and highlight their similarities, specializations, and their objectives for partnering. Possible UPD implementing units, determined by the specialization of the potential partner are invited in the meetings to further discuss how the partnership can be optimized. To request to conduct an official visit to UPD, partners/prospective partners are requested to:

  1. Accomplish the visit request form below; and
  2. Send an email to OIL Diliman at international.upd@up.edu.ph upon accomplishing the form.

OIL Diliman kindly requests that the visit request form, along with the visit request email to OIL Diliman be accomplished at least 15 working days prior to the proposed visit date/s. Please note that:

  • OIL Diliman will make every effort to accommodate the request as much as possible, subject to the availability of the concerned university officials, academic units, faculty members/staff, as well as other resources at certain times throughout the year
  • The contact person will be informed about the date of the proposed visit via email
  • The contact person may be requested to provide further information
  • This visit request form is primarily for institutions that wish to visit UP Diliman for an exploratory meeting relating to internationalization. Requests that do not fall under this criteria will be forwarded instead to the necessary office.