Study in UPD

OIL Diliman facilitates the inbound student exchange program which allows students from partner institutions abroad to enroll in UP Diliman for one to two semesters and be immersed in the Filipino culture. The office also assists the Office of University Registrar with the intake of international regular students.

International Regular Students are admitted by UP Diliman through the various academic units to fulfill all academic requirements leading to the obtainment of undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.

International Exchange Students are hosted by UP Diliman for a semester or a year through institutional agreements with partner universities or through consortium agreements with a network of universities.

International Visiting Students enroll in UP Diliman as fee-paying students for a semester up to a year for academic enrichment and cultural immersion.

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Students may enroll in any of the classes offered by UP Diliman provided that the students satisfy the pre-requisite/s of the courses.

Extramural/Short Programs

Several UP Diliman academic units offer short-term and internship programs for partner universities.

UP Diliman Facilities


The University Library Diliman encompasses one Main Library and more than 40 College/Unit Libraries. Reading and borrowing privileges are given to enrolled international students during the period of their stay in the university.

To find out more about its services, you may visit for more details.

Computer Access

The Main Library (Gonzales Hall), and some college libraries and some college libraries and research/study centers offer internet services to students. Wi-Fi Hotspots are also available throughout the campus. There are also internet shops inside the campus that charge minimal fees.

Dining in Campus

There are both on-campus and off-campus dining options for students. Almost all colleges have their own canteen/cafeterias.

Cafeteria food cost only PhP 100 to PhP 150 per meal (2 to 3 USD) while in-campus restaurant food would be around PhP 500 to PhP 700 or USD 10 to USD 12 per meal.


International students can apply for slots in UP Diliman dormitories. The International Center is the dedicated dormitory for international students but is currently undergoing renovation. The Centennial Residence Hall and the newly built Acacia Residence Hall have opened slots for international students for the meantime.

For short-term stay, there’s the University Hotel, NISMED and hotels around the campus.For long-term accommodation, dormitory fees range from PhP 1,500.00 to PhP 3,000.00 per month. Alternative accommodation may be found right outside the campus, ranging from shared flats to fully-furnished condominium units.

Life in UP Diliman

UP Diliman is located in the middle of an institutional district where government offices, hospitals, commercial areas are within 500 meters to two kilometers away.

Jeepneys charging only PhP 9.00 to PhP 15.00 (0.20 USD to 0.30 USD) ply around campus and could take students to major central business districts in Metro Manila. You can also go around the Metro via bus, train, taxi and TNVs.

While studying in UP Diliman, find time to explore the 493 hectare campus. Visit the museums, attend special lectures and go to concerts and film showings in the campus and enjoy the Sunken Garden surrounded by acacia trees.

Financial Matters

Tuition Fees

For tuition-fee paying students, cost of basic tuition is PhP1500.00 per course unit. For 3 to 4 courses of 3 units each, the basic fee would be from PhP13,500.00 to PhP18,000.00. Other fees include:

Tuition FeePhP 1,500.00/unitPhP 300.00-2,500.00/unit
Miscellaneous FeesPhP 2,000.00PhP 1,415.00
Student FundPhP 78.50PhP 78.50
Laboratory FeesPhP 100.00-1,500.00PhP 100.00-1,500.00
Educational Development Fee (EDF)USD 300.00USD 500.00
Other Fees and Cost of Living

Living expenses include food, clothing, entertainment, and transportation for you and your dependents (if any) and textbooks. Your actual expenses will vary according to your lifestyle.

Type of Expense Frequency
Average Expense
Dormitory / Lodging Monthly P3000 – P6000
Food Daily
P210 (P70 per meal)
Hygiene & Self-Care Monthly P300-500
Laundry Weekly P200
Communication Monthly P150 – P500
Readings Occasional P20 – P150
Printing Occasional P15 – P50
Jeepney within UP) Per ride P9
Travel to QC (Jeeps) Per ride Approx. P30
Travel to Manila (Train) Per ride Approx. P50
Travel to Makati (P2P Bus) Per ride
P80 (Student price)
Travel to Taguig (Taxi / TNVS) Per ride P300 – P400
Movie Ticket (Mall) Per movie P250 – P500
Movie Ticket (Cine Adarna) Per movie P150
Movie Ticket (Cinema Centenario) Per movie P150 – P200