Study Abroad

Student Exchange

Student exchange allows enrolled UP Diliman undergraduate to study for one to two semesters at a UP Diliman partner institution abroad. UP Diliman has around 60 student exchange partners spread across the globe. OIL Diliman has a regular call for applications for the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) for undergraduate students.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate students who are currently enrolled; 
  • Sophomore or Junior standing with a Cumulative GWA of 1.75 or better; 1.5 or better for Graduate students with at least one year of study
  • Must be at least 18 years old by the official start date of the exchange program at the host institution;
  • Willing to learn a new language, if needed; 
  • Willing to engage in activities for UP Diliman upon return from exchange program (e.g. assistance to inbound exchange students during registration period, assistance in international-related campus events, report on student exchange experience, etc.)

How to Apply 

OIL Diliman opens its call for applications for student exchange twice a year (around February and September). Interested applicants should watch out for announcements on the website, Facebook page and bulletin boards around the campus. Qualified students may apply for placement at UP Diliman’s partner universities. The International Student Mobility Committee (ISMC) evaluates the application documents and conducts interviews of applicants.

The UP Office of International Linkages (System) under the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) also has a separate call for applications for UP System partners which is open to all students in the UP System. You may check-out their application for student exchange here.

Host University

UP Diliman has around 60 partner universities abroad offering different programs for student exchange. Students need to research about the exchange partners they are interested in to identify the courses they can take. OIL Diliman suggests that you select at least three universities of your choice so that you can have back-up options should your top choice be unavailable. 

Fees and Cost of Living

Tuition fees are waived if you are enrolling for one to two semesters at a partner institution. Cost of living vary depending on your host country but may range from PhP 40,000 to PhP 80,000 per month. Our partner universities provide information on the cost of living in their country. We have provided the websites of our partner institutions so you can access them for your research.


The UP System through the Office of International Linkages – Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs offers financial assistance for one semester of student exchange via the University of the Philippines Mobility for Vigor and Excellence (MOVE UP) program. Once you have been selected to be nominated to a partner institution, you may also start preparations for applying to MOVE UP. They release their call twice a year.  There are also available scholarships offered by the host university and host country.


Student visa or short-stay visa requirements vary depending on the country of destination. OIL Diliman and the host universities provide assistance in visa application by way of issuing supporting documents relative to the exchange program. The student must apply for the visa personally.

Study Abroad Status and Crediting

During the exchange program, students are tagged as cross-enrollees. Subjects taken at the host university may be credited upon return to UP Diliman. To maximize opportunities for course crediting, students are advised to closely coordinate with their program advisers.

Exchange Programs for Graduate Students

There are limited slots for student exchange for graduate students but will have basically the same requirements and process as above. 

Short-term Programs

UP Diliman’s partner universities also offers short-term intensive programs that lasts from two to four weeks. Successful applicants from our call for applications may also be considered for short-term programs. We also post information on short-term programs as we get them from our partner universities.